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In this complete review, we look at what the coolsculpting procedure entails, side effects, cost, and the reasons why both men and women are now turning to it as an affordable, safe, and fast way of maintaining and improving their looks.Some of the most common side effects reported from CoolSculpting are minor swelling and redness at the treatment site, with these both typically resolving after a few days. Some other side effects include bruising, tingling, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity.These side effects occur because CoolSculpting affects the skin in a similar manner as frostbite, in this case targeting the fatty tissue just below the skin.What Are the Side Effects of SculpSure? S culpSure is virtually pain-free and has only a few minor side effects. A small percentage of patients may experience slight swelling, tingling, or redness in the treatment area – these side effects will resolve themselves in a few hours.Cryolipolysis Side Effects – Causes, Benefits, Pros and Cons (CoolSculpting) Posted on 18/02/2018 18/02/2018 by bikini popping cryolipolysis side effects – The world of aesthetics is always bringing new procedures to solve what we consider to be an "aesthetic problem," such as localized fats.Coolsculpting also known medically as cryolipolysis is the process of reducing fat by cooling the fat cells to the point of "death." Coolsculpting is quite the miracle procedure, without any surgery or anesthetic; however, just because it is significantly less invasive, does not mean that zero side effects appear during or afterwards.For the most part, CoolSculpting has a good safety record. The majority of patients experience mild side effects such as redness, tingling, and numbness, which go away after a few days. However, one more serious coolsculpting side effect appears to be more common than we originally thought. I am talking about a complication called "paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH)" or, in layman’s terms, the "stick of butter" effect.That does not, however, mean it is free from negative side-effects, and those of us who would like to explore them should not be dismissed as Luddites. In fairness to, the writer was.