how to transform stamped concrete into a piece of art

Stamped concrete involves pouring slab concrete for driveways, walkways, patios, and more, and then impressing both patterns and textures onto the concrete before it is fully dry.For many years, a lesser form of stamped concrete was often seen that merely duplicated patterns.Art In crete decorative concrete Services In Corpus Christi, Texas. Let us transform your ugly dull gray concrete into beautiful pieces of Art in Crete.Want to transform dull concrete floor into a work of art? By using decorative concrete for interiors, you’ll not only have an aesthetically appealing floor, but also enjoy huge savings. Here are five simple reasons why decorative concrete stands out from other conventional flooring options.AND DESIGNS. There are many stamped concrete patterns to choose from when designing your stamped concrete project. Using concrete stamps to turn regular concrete into something that looks like cobblestone, fieldstone, brick, or wood is easy if you have the right tool.

This video,, can also be seen at your concrete is plain and boring, give it a face-lift. When a concrete walkway, patio or steps have structurally deteriorated, the only remedy is removal and replacement. However, when the concrete is still structurally sound, a stamped concrete overlay can transform the area and bring life to your hardscape.Adding Design to Your Concrete Projects. Adding Design to Your Concrete Projects May 1, 2005. is to enhance the natural look of the landscape with an organic piece of art.". Stamped concrete is the cornerstone of decorative concrete, and my belief is that this will not change anytime soon.Stamped Artistry: Stained Concrete Floors of Houston, TX. Transform, Dull & Drab concrete into a Piece of Art! Envision a concrete color technique that reveals it’s own unique look. Like art work, there are no two Stained Concrete floors that are alike. A variegated, natural look is the end result. There is no uniformity in the finished result.When adding any translucent color to anything, the pattern and colors of the substrate will show through. It’s similar to applying a wood stain to a piece of wood with knots and wood grain. concrete stain can actually highlight and intensify the variations found in the concrete – natural as well as man-made blemishes and markings.